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D-Calcium Phosphate

D-Calcium Phosphate

It is a chemical compound, clear-colored, with acidic to neutral PH, the formula of which reads 4CaHPO and made of phosphoric acid and calcium powder. The nutritional type of this substance is used in tooth paste, baking powder and pharmaceutical industry by nutritional sulfuric acid.

This compound is mostly used in livestock and poultry foods as calcium and phosphor supplements. One of the most important features of DCP is its significant role in metabolic reactions such as forming bone structure, egg, tooth, digestive system activities, and also biochemical reactions like physiological activity of heart, coagulation and etc. in livestock and poultry.

This product is produced with the brand of Silica gel Derakhshan Co. in powder and granule forms, while its purity grade higher than 17% and packed in 25 KG bags. It also enjoys exploitation and production permits issued by Iran Veterinary Organization.

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