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Cooper Sulphate

Cooper Sulphate

Copper sulfate is blue and odorless having various industrial, agricultural, pharmaceutical and chemical applications. Copper Sulfate is composed of blue and clear crystals. There are different kinds of copper sulfate including tetrahydrate, pentahydrate and heptahydrate salt sulfates, the most common of which is pentahydrate and known as chalcanthite. The best way to recognize the copper sulfate crystals is their blue color which dissolve easily in water and composed of the mixture of copper powder with sulfuric acid.

Copper sulfate as fungicide is used to control bacterial viruses and fungal diseases of the products, fruits and vegetables such as pests_ scab, plant rust and spots on leaves. Among the most important applications of it we can name its role in forming chlorophyll and photosynthesis. In agriculture to correct the copper deficiency, copper sulfate dissolved in water can be added to soil or sprayed on it. It is better to use about 600-1200 gram copper sulfate in 1000 liters water because the high density of copper has bad effects on plants including:

  • Fruit cracking
  • Plant poisoning
  • Brown spots on leaves
  • Fruit bruising
    Moreover, copper sulfate is used in the production of fungicides and bactericides, livestock and poultry supplements, hair dye, mining, plating, green and blue colors in dying cotton/silk fabrics, battery making, eliminating algae in swimming pools, protection of wood and traverse and etc.

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