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Activated Alumina

Activated Alumina

آلومینا فعال

Activated Alumina is synthically produced from Aluminum Trihydrate; the end product is a beaded or powder material with highly adsorptive capabilities. It is highly porous and also has a very high surface area to weight ratio. This means it has a lot of small pores, almost like tunnels that run throughout it. The water in the air sticks to the Alumina itself in between the tiny passages, as the air passes through them, the air is dried out. Activated Alumina will not disintegrate when immersed in liquids. Activated Alumina can be regenerated by heating it at 200C and it will release all of the water stored in it. It is used as a Claus catalyst in natural gas and refining and also it can reduce the dew point of the air.

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